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We Are We Share We Care. A Dialogue Between Generations for an Educational Alliance

In response to Pope Francis’ invitation, the School of Education of the Pontifical Salesian University and the Auxilium Pontifical School of Education are organizing a Forum for dialogue between generations on the "Global Compact on Education" at the Opera Nazionale delle Città dei Ragazzi (National Work of Teen Towns) in Rome on 22 February 2020, as a way to celebrate 14 May 2020 and the Global Compact on Education.

This forum’s uniqueness is given by the methodology that will be used: a dialogue between parents-children, pupils-educators, students-teachers, young workers-employers; a meeting between different stakeholders in the broad field of education to think about how to build effective educational alliances.
The aim is to revive the commitment for and with younger generations, by renewing the passion for a more open and inclusive education, that can listen patiently, engage in a constructive dialogue, and practice mutual understanding.
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