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«[…] There is one last expectation I would like to share with you: the contribution of education to sowing hope. Man cannot live without hope and education is a generator of hope. In fact, education is like giving birth, it fosters growth, and it is part of the dynamics of giving life. The life that is born is the most plentiful source of hope; a life that searches for beauty, goodness, truth and communion with others to grow together.

I am convinced that today's youth, above all, need a life that builds a future. Therefore, the true educator is like a father and a mother who transmits a life where a future is viable. To have this attitude we must listen to young people: the "ear’s work".

Listen to the young! We will do so in particular with the next Synod of Bishops dedicated to youths. Education, then, shares the same "fabric" of risk with hope. Hope is not superficial optimism, not even the ability to look at things benevolently but, above all, it is knowing how to take risks in the right way, just like education».

Father Francis to the Participants in the
Plenary Assembly of the Congregation for Catholic Education 

9 February 2017