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One of the key words of Pope Francis' message in his invitation to the Global Compact on Education is "dialogue"...

«Our world has become a global village with multiple processes of interaction, where every person belongs to humanity and shares the hope of a better future with the entire family of peoples. At the same time, unfortunately, there are so many forms of violence, poverty, exploitation, discrimination, marginalization –restrictive approaches to fundamental liberties that create a disposable culture. In this context the Catholic educational institutes are called, in the front line, to practice the grammar of dialogue that forms to encounter and appreciation of the cultural and religious diversities. Dialogue, in fact, educates when a person relates with respect, esteem, sincerity in listening and expresses himself with authenticity, without obfuscating or mitigating his identity nourished by evangelical inspiration. We are encouraged by the conviction that the new generations, educated in a Christian way to dialogue, will come out of the school and university classrooms motivated to build bridges and, hence, to find new answers to the many challenges of our time. In a more specific sense, the schools and universities are called to teach a method of intellectual dialogue geared to the search for truth. Saint Thomas was and still is teacher in this method, which consists in taking the other, the interlocutor, seriously, seeking to thoroughly understand his reasons, his objections, to be able to respond not superficially but in an appropriate way. Only thus can we truly advance together in knowledge of the truth».

February 09, 2017
Pope Francis’ speach to the plenary session
of the Congregation for Catholic Education
(of Seminaries and Institutes of Study)