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Rebuilding the Global Compact: an educational path for Catholic schools

Italian "Federation of Educational Institutes" continues with its commitment to the GCE


Global Compact on Education – OIEC commitment

The commitment of the Catholic Schools


Reinventing education today. The contribution of the University

The topics of the Global Compact on Education at the inauguration of the academic year of the Department of Education Sciences «Auxilium».


For an integral education in the global village

A study day organized by the Pontifical Urbaniana University with the possibility of remote participation.


Quel piccolo punto bianco

La sconvolgente testimonianza di Farhad Bitani


Reconstructing the Global Educational Pact

An overview of the Seminar organized by the UISG-USG Education Commission


The Vatican Compact on Education - an update

​The Global Foundation focus on GCE during the Rome Roundtable ‘Which way for the world after the pandemic? Our inclusive human future’


​Il nuovo Patto educativo globale

In occasione della pubblicazione del volume "The village of education" del prof. Giovanni Emidio Palaia, un dialogo fra studenti e docenti a servizio del Global Compact on Education.


Circular Letter to Schools, Universities, and Educational Institutions

The Congregation for Catholic Education expresses its closeness and encouragement to the families, teachers and managers, administrative staff and, above all, to students.


Towards the Global Compact on Education

From 1st to 4th September there is the online training course "Towards the Global Compact on Education", promoted by the diocese of Quilmes (Argentina).



Italia – Una maratona multimediale per celebrare il 50° Earth Day delle Nazioni Unite.


Covid- 19: young people have already responded to Pope Francis' appeal that "nobody is saved alone"

Organized by Scholas Occurrentes and blessed by Pope Francis, more than 120 students from 60 cities around the globe gathered at the First World Youth Cyber Meeting on Coronavirus, to face this worldwide challenge together


Press Release from the Congregation for Catholic Education

Due to the uncertaintly linked to the spread of COVID-19 and considering the decisions taken on a global level, the Global Compact on Education will take place on 15 October 2020 in order to allow the widest and most serene partecipation.


Young people in dialogue

Towards social friendship - Turin, 6-8 March 2020


We are - We share - We Care

A conference entitled "We Are We Share We Care. A Dialogue Between Generations for an Educational Alliance" will be taking place on 22 February 2020. This will be the contribution from the Pontifical Salesian University and the School of Education to the Global Compact on Education.


The "Maison de Paix"

In Kikwit, a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Maison de Paix Association is supporting the development of a new model of education and human promotion based on wholesome education.


When Religions Contribute to Education for a more Fraternal Humanity

In anticipation of the Global Compact on Education, the Pontifical Gregorian University, in collaboration with the Pontifical Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, has organised a day of study entitled “When Religions Contribute to Education for a more Fraternal Humanity” on the upcoming 24 February 2020.


Nature and the Environment in the Compact on Education: Beauty Makes Man Good

A three-day event was held at the Antonianum in Rome, from 14 to 16 January 2020, as part of the "Rebuilding the Global Compact on Education" initiative.


Building Communities. The Service-Learning Approach

LUMSA University and EIS School of Higher Education, in preparation for the Global Pact on Education of 14 May 2020, is organizing a conference entitled "Building Communities. The Service-Learning Approach".



One of the key words of Pope Francis' message in his invitation to the Global Compact on Education is "dialogue"...


Nature and the Environment in the Compact on Education: Beauty Makes Man Good

At the Antonianum in Rome, from 14 to 16 January 2020, a three-day event will be held within the "Global Compact on Education" initiative.


The After-school Programme in Homs

The story of the after-school programme "Generation of Hope" in the city of Homs in Syria, where 165 children, Muslims and Christians alike, are finding peace and adequate educational support.


The Children’s global summit

About 4,000 "superheroes" invaded Rome from 27 to 30 November 2019. They were the young participants at the Children's Global Summit, organized by FIDAE (Federation of Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools). The meeting’s highest moment was the encounter with Pope Francis.



Pope Francis claims that "courage" is needed to create the village of education. Let's deepen the value of this word...


Inside the Global Compact on Education logo

A logo, to express the invitation of Pope Francis to involve everyone in the "Global Compact on Education".


Pope Francis at the Lateran University

His speech at the preparatory event for the "Global Compact on Education".



The value of a gift: the meaning of the word "talent", according to Pope Francis.


Education, Human Rights, Peace

At the Pontifical Lateran University, on October 31, a seminar in preparation for the “Global Compact on Education” wished for by Pope Francis


Scholas Occurentes in the Amazon

450,000 schools from around the world, working for the reforestation of the Amazon: this is the project that Scholas Occurentes wishes to finance thanks to the 2019 Vatican Christmas Concert.



One of the key words of Pope Francis' message in his invitation to the Global Compact on Education is "hope". What hope comes from educating?


The Real Challenge to Democracy is Education

Seminar organized by the «Gravissimum Educationis» Foundation in preparation ...


Paglaum, a name that means “hope”

Cinema, a group of Filipino teenagers, and their ability to tell stories that give hope.



We begin to deepen the key words of the "Global Compact on Education" starting from the concept of "IDENTITY"...


My life is not worth more than another person’s life

Giulia’s story with “Operazione Colomba” , Nonviolent Peace Corps of the Pope John XXIII Community.

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