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News, words, stories from the educational world


Teachers at WYD

Young teachers talk about their participation in World Youth Day and the work they do every day in the classroom.


Quel piccolo punto bianco

La sconvolgente testimonianza di Farhad Bitani


Reconstructing the Global Educational Pact

An overview of the Seminar organized by the UISG-USG Education Commission


The "Maison de Paix"

In Kikwit, a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Maison de Paix Association is supporting the development of a new model of education and human promotion based on wholesome education.


The After-school Programme in Homs

The story of the after-school programme "Generation of Hope" in the city of Homs in Syria, where 165 children, Muslims and Christians alike, are finding peace and adequate educational support.


Inside the Global Compact on Education logo

A logo, to express the invitation of Pope Francis to involve everyone in the "Global Compact on Education".


Paglaum, a name that means “hope”

Cinema, a group of Filipino teenagers, and their ability to tell stories that give hope.


My life is not worth more than another person’s life

Giulia’s story with “Operazione Colomba” , Nonviolent Peace Corps of the Pope John XXIII Community.

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