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Press Release from the Congregation for Catholic Education

The Global Compact on Education, promoted by Pope Francis to revive commitment to and with the younger generations, will take place from 11 to 18 October 2020. The Pact will be signed on 15 October.

The event, entrusted to the Congregation for Catholic Education, was to take place this coming 14 May, with a series of complementary events between 10 to 17 May, such as the "Village of Education", with the best international educational experiences, illustrated by young students from all over the world.

The uncertainty linked to the spread of Coronavirus, along with the decisions taken by public authorities on a global scale, have led to the decision to postpone the anticipated meeting in order to allow the widest and most serene participation possible. The Global Pact is not limited to educational and academic institutions but rather, in the belief that commitment to education must be shared by all, involves representatives of religions, international bodies and the various humanitarian institutions, of the academic, economic, political and cultural world.

From this perspective, it can be understood that the broader and more varied participation desired by Pope Francis is not an additional dimension to the Global Compact on Education but rather constitutes at the same time the premise and purpose of such an alliance.

The Congregation for Catholic Education continues to work for this fundamental meeting, in accordance with the intentions of Pope Francis: “Let us seek solutions together, boldly undertake processes of change and look to the future with hope. I invite everyone to work for this alliance and to be committed, individually and within our communities, to nurturing the dream of a humanism rooted in solidarity and responsive both to humanity’s aspirations and to God’s plan” (Message for the Launch of the Global Compact on Education).