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Building Communities. The Service-Learning Approach

LUMSA University and EIS School of Higher Education, in preparation for the Global Pact on Education of 14 May 2020, is organizing a conference entitled "Building Communities. The Service-Learning Approach".

As part of the preparatory workshops for the signing of the Global Compact on Education (Vatican City, 14 May 2020), LUMSA University and EIS School of Higher Education are organizing a conference entitled "Building Communities. The Service-Learning Approach": a three-day event, between January 30 January and February 1, 2020, to discuss the premises of the Pact and introduce the Service-Learning concept.

The Holy Father has instructed the Congregation for Catholic Education to reach out to those who care about educating younger generations to involve them in the pact, and LUMSA University and EIS School of Higher Education have responded to this call with their intention to make a tangible contribution to the preparation of the May 14 meeting.

The focus of the Conference is on building an educational community through the Service-Learning approach: an educational concept that enhances the central dimension of service to others and the community as both a tool and an end of education itself. The conference will start with opening remarks by LUMSA University Rector, Prof. Francesco Bonini. The three-day gathering will host panel discussions and lectures, workshops and thematic conferences, with the participation of LUMSA University professors and representatives of Volunteer and Third Sector Associations. The conclusions of the conference will be delivered by Msgr. Vincenzo Zani, Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

Service-Learning is an educational approach aimed at bringing students together, to address the issues that are part of their life situations. Starting from the belief that citizenship is not only a content to be taught, but an experience to be lived, Service-Learning requires students to take concrete actions in solidarity with the community in which they operate, working with local institutions and associations. This creates a virtuous cycle between classroom learning and community service.

EIS School, Educare all'Incontro e alla Solidarietà (Educating to Encounter and Solidarity), is sponsored by Rome’s LUMSA University to respond to educational challenges: its main focus is Training and Research, aimed at social improvement. The head of EIS School is Professor Maria Cinque, while the president is Professor Italo Fiorin.

30 January 2020, 15.30-18.30 - Jubilee Hall
31 January 2020, 9.00-18.30 - Jubilee Hall and various classrooms
1 February 2020, 9.30-12.30 a.m. - Aula Magna
LUMSA University
Jubilee Hall: via di Porta Castello 44 - Rome
Aula Magna: borgo Sant'Angelo 13 - Rome